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Dunham-Bush is one of the biggest commercial air conditioning companies with a global network of sales and service offices. The brand has long been committed to offering clean and green heating and cooling systems to meet the specific air-conditioning needs of the customers.

As a company that does business with the environment in mind, it makes sense that we offer a complete range of green heating and cooling systems to ensure a cleaner and greener future. Our range of energy efficient, clean energy products include green HVAC/R heating and cooling systems, large chillers, heat pumps, thermal energy storage, airside systems; and unitary to residences, commercial buildings & industrial facilities.

High Reliability and Stability

Performance test instead of run test.
Equipment will be tested at the condition of user’s specification.
Capacity, power consumption, efficiency and pressures drop will be tested according to the standard.

Unique Patented Screw Compressor Technology

Dunham-Bush achieved a technological breakthrough and was the first company to develop and use screw compressor technology for air conditioning and refrigeration. Compressor, exchanger, control system is researched by US and Pacific Asia. All updated core technology is shared in global factory.

Excellent Performance & Operation Cost Efficiency

Performs accurately consistent and comply with regulations. Dunham-Bush provides optimized solutions for every sector and climate with a wide range of cutting-edge systems that bring exceptional heating, ventilation and air conditioning performance to buildings worldwide. Through our unmatched expertise and industry knowledge, we respond directly to the needs of businesses seeking digitalized and eco-conscious HVAC solutions. We are the partner your business has been looking for, and are well prepared to integrate our leading technology into your day-to-day operations, supporting you and your business every step of the way.

Green Building Technology

True sustainability is all about real-world performance and total environmental impact. Dunham-Bush systems are designed to reduce emissions, from beginning to end. Consumes less energy, low maintenance cost and improved air quality.